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How to have incredible sex

Motivational speaker Mark Gungor "hits the nail squarely on the head"

Tactics for improving our sex life

 This entertaining minister enlightens us with some inspiring thoughts towards having a better marriage and sex-life.

The #1 Key to having incredible sex is “Exclusivity”

Mark Gungor explains why we should focus on just one special person – – –  our spouse;

Don’t masturbate.   It makes the spouse unnecessary; can entrain the man’s penis to be unable to function with a woman; starting masturbation habit early on wrecks the potential for a man having the best sex life possible for the rest of his life; Orgasm with its endorphin rush is not the same as that of ejaculation;

No porn.   Pornographic images rob a man of a great sex life by making him dependent on it for climax – and basically makes his woman feel like she’s “out of the picture”

Don’t fantasize.    The real person you’re with is the one that loves and knows you; the fantasy person most likely could give a toss about you, even if they do know you, which they probably don’t.

If you want to better understand your mate and improve the intimacy in your marriage . . . Mark Gungor has a succinct way of explaining how each of us function, so that we are better able to intimately interact with one another. Not only enlightening, this particular seminar is highly amusing!

Sex before marriage has consequences

Fom their first sexual encounters, men form an imprint of JUST THE SEX , not the woman.   These are often with women they don’t know well, if at all, and under “not real life” conditions. They then attempt to expect a similar sexual performance from their wives and are let down when the “real life” wife performs differently;

Women tend to imprint on WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SEX, which before marriage is nothing, so sex means nothing.   Women who have multiple partners release less and less OXYTOCIN during intercourse with each succesive man. OXYTOCIN is called the bonding hormone, which connects the woman emotionally to the man (This hormone is also released during breast-feeding).

Can you have too much sex?

The answer in physiological terms:

If you’re female, probably not, provided you use lubrication.

 Provided you have sufficient lubrication, without which vaginal tissue can be scraped. “Use it or lose it” applies to postmenopausal women who can suffer vaginal atrophy if they stop having sex for a few years. The consequences are narrowing of the vagina and pain when intercourse is attempted. To avoid irritation during sexual intercourse, when needed, you should supplement your natural lubrication with a non-water based, chemical-free lubricant — extra virgin coconut oil is a great choice.

If you’re male? You can indeed!

 Men can damage their penile tissue with too much rough or forceful sex, especially now that drugs such as Viagra and Levitra can allow for more staying power. A penis needs a “flaccidity break” to replenish its blood with oxygen.   No new blood flows to the penis during thrusting. To absorb oxygen, the muscle tissue must become relaxed, without which the muscle can become painfully engorged and cells start to die, called priapism (named after Priapus, a Greek fertility god represented with a disproportionately large and permanent erection), which is a medical emergency!

12 sex drive killers

People who enjoy a good sex life are generally happier, healthier and live longer than those who don’t.

Surprising Health Benefits of Having Sex

There are some areas where we can have control over improving the setting for satisfying sexual experiences:

(1) Stress

Related to job, money, caring for family members, life getting out of control.


Meridian Tapping Technique (MTT)

Tools for Emotional Stability

Simplify your life

(2) Relationship problems

Simmering arguments, poor communication, betrayal of trust etc.     For women particularly, emotional closeness is tied together with sexual desire.


“Do not let the sun go down on your anger”

– Ephesians 4:26b

(3) Alcohol

Athough “alchofrolic” drinks can make you feel less sexually inhibited, they can also stifle your libido or be a “turn-off” to your partner.

(4) Not enough sleep

Leads to fatigue; try to retire before 10 pm after some wind-down time; if insomnia or sleep apnea is the problem, there is help:


(5) Parenting

Children can not only wear you out, but also preoccupy your thoughts and time. It may be necessary to schedule some “alone” time with your partner.

(6) Medication

Drugs commonly linked to libido loss include:

  • Antidepressants
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Antihistamines
  • Oral contraceptives (some studies show a link; others don’t)
  • Chemotherapy
  • Anti-HIV drugs

(7) Body image

Feeling sexy involves self-esteem, even when your partner says they don’t have a problem with what you think is a problem. 

Strive to work on your shape, tend to your hair and its styling, look after your skin, and maybe rethink your wardrobe for a sexier, less frumpy look. Being greatly overweight is associated with lack of sexual enjoyment / desire and difficulties with sexual performance, possibly due to lack of self-esteem, unsatisfactory relationships, social stigma, and other psychological issues.

(8) Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Affects men’s confidence in their sexual performance, which negatively affects their sex drive.
  • ED can be related to and an early warning sign of cardiovascular disease (CVD).   ED is a strong predictor of death from all causes and of heart attack, stroke and heart failure in men with cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to German researchers reporting in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.
  • A group of men being treated for erectile problems saw greater increases in testosterone when, along with the treatments, they had frequent sex – Specifically, men who had sex at least eight times per month had greater increases than those who had sex less than eight times per month.

(9) Low testosterone

Testosterone levels tend to fall slightly with age causing some men to lose their sexual interest.

Testosterone is linked to sex drive in women, too. However, supplementing testosterone may not be the answer, but rather maintaining the balance ratio with the other sex hormones. (E.g. Using progesterone therapy). The “loop factor” here is that testosterone levels increase with orgasmic frequency.

(10) Depression

 Many antidepressant drugs can lower your sex drive


(11) Menopause

~50% of women report reduced sex drive through menopause and beyond.

Symptoms arise, such as vaginal dryness and pain during sex, which may make sex uncomfortable and dampen sex drive. Hormonal changes of menopause certainly play a major role affecting libido during this life phase, but also other factors weigh in, including depth of relationship with her partner, body image, self worth /esteem, medications being taken, and physical health. During menopause, estrogen levels do not fall as much as PROGESTERONE levels, creating a situation called estrogen dominance. Treatments against estrogen dominance and other tactics may help restore hormonal balance.

Estrogen dominance treatment 1-2-3

(12) Too little intimacy

Women tend to wrap sex and intimacy together in forming their desire for sex. 

 However, men seem better able to separate the two, which leaves a woman feeling resentful that she is no more than a sex object. Try spending more non-sexual intimate time together – – – Converse, snuggle, trade massages. Learn to express affection without having to have sex. As intimacy builds, so does sex drive.


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