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Negative Oxygen Ion (NOI or O2-) Therapy

What are negative oxygen ions?

Open up the windows and let in the fresh air, especially while you sleep!

NOIs are energetic, negatively-charged oxygen molecules or atoms.  While research is still scientifically investigating the health benefits of NOIs (and also other negative oxygen air ions), that they exist in areas where one feels rejuvenated lends credence to their natural health benefits

 Found Outdoors, in unpolluted areas.   NOIs are partly responsible for that uplifting and rejuvenating feeling you experience when near a waterfall, high in the mountains (pine needles produce copious amounts) or at the seaside (thanks to energy from crashing waves). Fresh country air typically contains 2000-4000 NOIs/cc (A cc is a cubic centimeter – about the size of a sugar cube).Yosemite Falls has been measured at 100,000 NOIs/cc. Contrast those to about 100 NOIs/cc on the LA freeway at rush hour! 

 NOIs are “used up” neutralizing positive contaminants.    As such they tend to be depleted in areas of pollution (in cities), near television / computer monitors (CRTs) and in dry hot winds. Air conditioning and heat deplete available NOIs.

In humans (and other mammals) NOIs are obtained from the air through the lungs and acupuncture points and distributed throughout the body’s electrical paths (sometimes called the meridian system). 

In addition to using equipment to create negative ions, therapy also includes applying some techniques to attract negative ions to the body and encourage their absorption.

Open up the windows and let in the fresh air, especially while you sleep!


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Negative oxygen ions

Negative oxygen ions

Negatively-charged ions (NOIs) have energy we can use - open up the windows and let in the fresh air while you sleep...