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Hormesis - The "Goldilocks" Dose

When it comes to the amount of any particular input to your body, you can have either too little or too much – whether it be food, a supplement, sun exposure, or the dose of a therapy, there is a dosage window that has the most beneficial effect. This can be illustrated as an upsidedown “U” curve

  • Not enough of something meant to be beneficial for body yields effects of its deficiency
  • Too much of something has detrimental, toxic effects

Discussion of some example makes this clear:

  • Vitamin – Too little and you get scurvy, The right amount maintains tissue integrity and is provides a necessary antioxidant in the “watery” areas of your body, too much, and vitamin C has an oxidant effect;
  • The sun – Too ittle and you miss out on the sun’s beneficial energy, and don’t make enough vitamin D. The right amount builds the immune system, provides D and fights cancer. Too much can burn your skin and cause cancer.
  • Iodine –  Too little and the thyroid doesn’t function properly, reproductive organs + thyroid are not protected from cancer. The right dose and those organs have that protection, your thyroid functions as it should, your hormones are better balanced, nerve communciation is improved (iodine need for almost all hormone and neurotransmitter receptors to function efficiently), iodine is antimicrobial. Too much has too high an oxidant effect. 

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