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Attend to diet, lifestyle & emotional state:










Restore intercellular communication pathways

Cells must be able to “talk” to each other to organize the healthy upkeep of your body

The Body’s Matrix – Interconnected Cells

The other steps are:

(1) Attend to diet, lifestyle and emotional state (via the NEWSTARTS program)

(2)  Clean the body’s cleaning organs

(4) Apply specific therapies for our particular health issue(s).

Therapies are available to unblock the electrical and hormonal pathways between cells –  seems the Chinese and the Greeks were “way ahead of the game” on this subject:

Emotional state affects cellular communication.   All the nutrition and exercise in the world will not help you regain your health if you are harboring emotional “baggage”.   Particularly important and often ignored, past, present, imagined or predicted emotional trauma / stress disrupts hormonal and electrical communication (energy pathways) between your cells and thus affects physical health. Your health restoral plan should address this issue.

Meridian Tapping Therapy (MTT) is a simple, but very helpful (if somewhat bizarre) DIY “tool” used to clear the body’s energy pathways (meridians) and balance hormones, which have often been disrupted by emotional trauma.

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