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The Omega-3 Fix - "Holy Grail" of physical and mental health

Abbreviations: PUFAs (Polyunsaturated  Fatty Acids), include the EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids): 

  • Omega 6 (O6) – LA (linolenic acid), GLA (gamma-linolenic acid, DGLA (Dihomo-gamma-linolenic) AA (Arachidonic acid)
  1. Omega-3 (O3) – ALA (alpha linolenic acid), SDA (stearidonic acid), EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (Docosahexenoic Acid) 

This protocol provides omega-3 and its supporting factors

The “Omega-3 Fix” is an enjoyable, deceptively therapeutic, simple DAILY protocol to restore or maintain vibrant physical and mental health.  It requires:

(1)  A home-made drink, breakfast, dessert or other recipe containing flax oil and ground flaxseed

(2)  A daily marine oil supplement (or eat oily fish 2x /week)

The therapy provides typically deficient, high-energy, healing omega-3 (as well as some omega-6) essential fats, lignans and fiber. 

These ingredients effectively fight against most of the major and minor health problems of our time including CVD, cancer, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis, M.S., and issues of the GI tract — the list goes on!

The body responds almost immediately to receiving omega-3 fats (when previously in short supply), improvements being noticed in days not weeks. However, major illnesses require a high daily dose of up to 6-8 Tbsp. low-heat-extracted flax oil for several months. As a cancer therapy, it is one of the few that does not produce inflammation and swelling, making it ideal for treating cancers in the lung, brain or other areas where swelling could be life-threatening.

Fruit Slushy
Delicious blender-made "cocktail" consists of flax oil with cottage cheese, yogurt or whey protein, fresh fruit, ice and ground flaxseed
Oats 'n' Flax Porridge

How can such simple ingredients fix such big health problems?

(1) Flaxseed and marine oils are rich sources of Omega-3 ALA, EPA and DHA 

Lack of dietary O3 in the Western diet is now a well-recognized culprit for the common and serious health issues seen today. 

Scientific studies reflecting this problem have become particularly abundant in more recent years.

Flax oil (extracted or contained in ground flaxseed) and quality marine oil provide an abundant source of anti-inflammatory / “back-to-normal” omega-3 fatty acids, which must be consumed, since the body cannot make them..   

Attending to this pivotal O3 deficiency may be the most effective approach for dealing with serious conditions, as well as minor aches and pains, and to generally maintain health at its best.

Beneficial effects in the body of having a sufficiency of omega-3 EPA and DHA are simply mind-blowing!

(a) Omega-3 fatty acids supply anti-inflammatory, healing, calming eicosanoids

Marine oil inherently contains omega-3 EPA and DHA, and omega-3 ALA in flaxseed can be converted by enzymes in the body to EPA and DHA. These very high-energy omega-3 fatty acids produce health-mediating eicosanoids (Cell’s “First Responders”). EPA eicosanoids counter inflammation, mediate immune system response, protect the heart, reduce blood pressure, dilate bronchial passages, protect stomach lining, reduce cell proliferation (as in cancer), DHA eicosanoids are particularly necessary for normal nerve and brain function and need to be present to prevent undue depression and anxiety. Ideally, omega-3 ALA in flaxseed converts to omega-3 EPA and DHA.  Since the Omega-3 ALA to EPA and DHA conversion can be a challenge, it is wise to ensure a daily marine oil supplement or to eat oily fish twice a week.

Problems helped by consuming sufficient omega-3 fat
AIDSCerebral PalsyLupus
ADHD zzzChronic Fatigue SyndromeMultiple Sclerosis (M.S.)
AllergiesChronic InflammationNerve transmission problems
Alzheimer’sCongestive Heart FailureNervous Disorders zzz
Anxiety zzzDepression zzzParkinson’s Disease
Arterial CirculationDiabetes mellitus^^^Peripheral Neuropathy (nerve damage)
ArthritisEar wax (excess)PMS
ArrythmiaEczemaPoor circulation
AtherosclerosisFatigue^Raynaud’s Disease
Autoimmune disorders#Heart DiseaseSenility
Blood ClotsHigh CholesterolTourette’s Syndrome
Bueurger’s disease###HyperactivityWound healing
Cancer**Inflammatory Conditions (all)Weight Management##
Cardiovascular disease*
* Lowers cardiovascular risk factors^ Raises energy levels, stamina# Dampens immune symptoms
** Inhibits cancer growth and metastasis^^ Improves bone mineralisation## Increases thermogenesis (fat burning), decreases fat production
*** Speeds healing from injury physical exertion, surgery^^^ Increases INSULIN sensitivity### Bueurger’s disease – blood vessel obstruction in hands/feet
zzz Improves concentration, learning, calmness, behavior and IQ

(b) Omega-3 fatty acids increase cellular energy production

The abundance of high-energy electrons in omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids in fresh (i.e. not rancid) flax and quality marine oils significantly increase cellular energy production, especially when you take the sun.

When consumed, the high-energy electrons in O3 and O6 fatty acids sit in every cell membrane in the body and attract oxygen for cellular respiration, significantly increasing cellular energy production, (by charging the cell “battery”), which boosts operations in all body systems (including the immune system).

Additionally, when you go out in the sun, electron clouds in these cell membrane fatty acids, which originated from plants or marine-life exposed to and absorbing the sun’s energy frequencies, act as “antennae” to “tune into” (resonate with) incoming solar electromagnetic waves and so receive and store additional solar photon energy.

Delivery of omega-3 (and omega 6} to the body’s cells is enhanced when these fatty acids are made water soluble by combining with sulfur-containing protein (the basis of the flax oil / protein protocol designed by emminent German biochemist Dr. Johanna Budwig)

Cottage cheese, yogurt, and /or whey protein provide two sulfur-containing amino acids: methionine and cystine, which readily bond to the unsaturated double bonds in the flax oil fatty acids to make them water soluble. This increases their availability to cells by enabling passage through even the smallest capillaries and allows the oil to bypass processing by the liver (often overworked in ill-health).

(2) Ground flaxseed provides fiber and extremely health-beneficial lignans (phytoestrogens)

Flaxseed ouring from jar

Phytoestrogens have demonstrated positive effects in heart disease (anti-atherogenic, lowers cholesterol and BP), reproduction organ cancers, diabetes and neurological issues. The flaxseed lignan metabolites are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-viral, antitumoral and anti-estrogenic.  

(3) "The Omega-3-Fix" balances the O3 / O6 ratio

Today’s overwhelming dietary presence of predominately inflammatory / “call-to-action” omega-6 fats, without a balancing intake of anti-inflammatory / “back-to-normal” omega-3 fats is wreaking havoc with our health.

This omega-3-rich protocol effectively delivers a dietary supply of generally deficient anti-inflammatory omega-3 fat into our cell membranes to balance our plentiful, predominately inflammatory omega-6 intake.

Flax oil contains omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and omega-6 linolenic acid (LA)  fatty acids in an approx. 4 to 1 ratio.

Components to promote the success of "The Omega-3-fix"

To be fully effective, “The Omega-3 Fix” requires some moderate daily exposure to the sun.

The high-energy electrons in undamaged omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (abundant in quality marine oil, flaxseed and fresh, low heat-extracted flax oil) ABSORB solar photon energy to further enhance the protocol.

Other components needed for the protocol’s holistic success.

Include attending to some dietary considerations and your emotional / spiritual needs, taking a walk in the fresh air and getting enough sleep. 

"Hats off" to Dr. Johanna Budwig

The flax oil / protein protocol was designed by emminent biochemist / physicist / pharmacologist /research scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig.

Born in Germany in 1908, Johanna Budwig lived until the ripe old age of 95, passing away in 2003. 

Lending credibility to her protocol:  nominated for 7 Nobel prizes, she was a top European cancer research scientist, blood specialist, and pharmacologist, and also achieved doctoral degrees in both chemistry and physics. In the early 1950’s, she was working for Germany’s civil service as the most senior expert for fats and pharmaceutical drugs and was considered one of the worlds leading authorities on fats and oils.

She used her ingenious therapy in the mid to late 1900’s with many reports of success in restoring health to those with major diseases (even those with advanced cancer).

Dr. Budwig realized that the cells of sick people were not receiving enough oxygen. Her analyses of blood cells in seriously ill cancer patients revealed that their hemoglobin was greenish-yellow, indicating they were not carrying enough oxygen. Several months on her protocol, which enables hemoglobin to carry more oxygen, blood returned to bright red, tumors began disappearing, physical energy was restored, and symptoms of cancer, liver dysfunction, and diabetes were substantially alleviated. According to Dr. Budwig, and those who studied and reported on her work in Germany over a 50 year period, Dr. Budwig’s protocol has had a very high success rate against cancer (lung, colon, breast, ovarian, brain, others), arthritis, heart disease, arrhythmia, psoriasis, eczema (and other skin diseases), MS and other auto immune diseases, diabetes, respiratory conditions, stomach ulcers, liver dysfunction, IBS and more. 

Sulfur-rich amino acids methionine / cystine bonus benefits

  • Detoxifiers and raw materials for major antioxidant.  They attach to and carry out pollutants from the body
  • Needed to produce the body’s powerful water-soluble antioxidant glutathione in the cytosol of every cell. Glutathione provides a “Bulls-eye” for oxidation by radicals and cysteine (Cystine is 2 cysteine residues joined by a disulfide S-S bond) is the rate-limiting factor for its production.
“Sulfur-containing amino acids (SAAs) are recognized to be some of the most potent modulators of lipid metabolism among amino acids. It has been demonstrated that SAAs have an increasing effect on HDL (high-density lipoprotein)-cholesterol and a decreasing effect on VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein)-cholesterol”    PubMed

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Omega-3 fix: