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Sunlight = Life!

“We live by a small trickle of electricity from the sun” 

– Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi

 Lack of sunlight causes 1 million deaths a year

Sunlight is the source from which all life is energized. 
Essentially, we are human photocells and without sunlight as a biological nutrient, there is no health. (My belief is that God is the ultimate source of energy supplying us sunlight).

 “The human race evolved under the sun, and for thousands of years lived in harmony with its heat and light. Yet over the last fifty years we have lost this close contact with the sun and its healing powers. We have become afraid of it”.

Dr. Richard Hobday, Phd, MSc

– Author of “The Healing Sun: Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century”

Sunlight / Vitamin D prevent and heal many health problems

Sunlight / Vitamin D have a dramatic positive influence over many health conditions.   Sunlight can not only make us feel happier and provide the body energy, compelling evidence shows that it can also prevent and heal many common diseases:

Vitamin D deficiency DOUBLES your risk of cancer !

According to researchers from the Moores Cancer Center at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), if vitamin D3 levels were appropriately increased, then 350,000 cases of breast cancer and 250,000 cases of colorectal cancer could be prevented each year worldwide. This includes nearly 150,000 cases of cancer that could be prevented in the U.S. alone. Unfortunately, the average blood levels of vitamin D measured at the end of winter in the U.S. are only about half of the required amount to provide protection. (Nutrition Reviews, 2007) Far more lives are lost to diseases caused by LACK of sunlight than by those caused by too much. According to epidemiologist Robyn Lucas at Australian National University, analyzing lifespan vs. disease. [ANU, 2009; Time in the sun, 2008]

Diseases helped with sunlight
HypertensionCystic Fibrosis
CancerRheumatoid Arthritis
ObesityPain / Muscle Pains
Heart DiseaseSchizophrenia
SeizuresEczema / Psoriasis
SepticemiaHearing Loss
InsomniaPeriodontal Disease
OsteoporosisMacular Degeneration
SchizophreniaReduced C-section Risk
AutismAlzheimer’s Disease
MyopathyMultiple Sclerosis
Cold / FluDiabetes 1 &2
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

¹ 16 types of cancer: incl. breast, ovary, prostate, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, lung. To learn how to safely and effectively “Take the sun” for vitamin D production: The “Sunbath”- Vitamin D Therapy

Skin exposed to sunlight produces vitamin D

The best-known health benefits of sunlight are attributed to our major source of vitamin D resulting from the sun’s UV-B radiation on the skin.

Skin exposed to UVB radiation from the sun produces vitamin D3, which is then converted by the liver and kidneys to CALCITRIOL (the active form of VITAMIN D) needed for organ and cell functions.

There is no doubt that vitamin D has profound influences over the body’s genes and cells, however, the sun has additional beneficial roles affecting our health. Its many positive health benefits, include inhibiting the growth of several cancers, appropriate timing of MELATONIN production, and reducing seasonal affective disorder (SAD). On the other hand, excessive sunlight exposure is associated with skin cancer, photo-aging skin, immune suppression, and eye diseases (E.g. cataracts). It is generally agreed that there needs to be a balance between having too much and too little sunlight, that you should gradually build up tolerance to the sun, and that you should always avoid getting sunburnt. Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is a common problem in the United States.

Vitamin D influences your entire body

Vitamin D receptors have been found in almost every human cell from your brain to your bones.

It is therefore not too surprising to realize that a deficiency of vitamin D will have detrimental health consequences, and more positively, that vitamin D can be utilized to maintain and restore health.

Studies show that optimizing your vitamin D levels with sun exposure can halve your cancer risk.   Vitamin D is shown to regulate cell growth and maturation.   Safe sunlight exposure is shown to protect against breast, colon, endometrial, esophageal, ovarian, bladder, gallbladder, gastric, pancreatic, prostate, rectal and renal cancers, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Vitamin D will optimize ~ 10% (~2,000-3,000) of your total genes.   Even if you inherited a rotten “deck of gene cards”, your actions allow your genes to be expressed or regulated.

For more information on how vitamin D is used in the body:

VITAMIN D – “The Sunshine Vitamin”

Sunlight-produced vitamin D3 may be more effective than dietary D3

The half-life of skin-produced D3 is prolonged in circulation.

Although equivalent and with the same biologic activity as dietary D3, skin-produced D3 is 100% bound to vitamin D-binding protein, compared to only 60% of dietary D3, the other 40% lipoprotein-bound fraction being rapidly cleared.

Sunlight is a natural energy source

Sunlight provides energy from natural frequencies

Visible spectrum

Sunlight contains all the frequencies in the visible spectrum, known to be beneficial to the body’s endocrine system organs and glands.

Since ~2000 BC, traditional Indian medicine has recognized light energy frequencies in the body’s “Chakra System”, which correlates functioning of specific ductless endocrine glands to a color in the light spectrum (and to musical notes), thus effecting the body’s hormonal production.

In addition, the sun provides far and near infrared energies

The process of photosynthesis harvests and transforms the sun’s light energy.

In fruits and vegetables, the algae in the water, and into trees, grasses and herbs. When we introduce these into the body in various forms, this stored “Sun energy” is released into our bodies as energy-carrying electrons.

Sunlight resonates with essential fats in body

In moderation, exposing our bodies to the sun provides us a free, natural energy source taken advantage of since the creation of man.

A vital source of energy for the body, the sun’s energy photons (“Solar electrons“) are directly received through the eyes and the body’s acupuncture points to be absorbed by any sun-derived electrons in the body. Skin cancer was not an issue, until man’s diet became devoid of solar energy in the form of undamaged (i.e. not heat-processed) Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fats. These sun-grown fats end up in our skin (and other) cell membranes, and contain fatty acids with inherent electron clouds that vibrate with and absorb energy from the sun. This energy is then stored until needed by the body. The more we are able to absorb solar electrons, the less sunburn, and the less skin cancer there will be.

DNA's vibrating frequency

Infrared has the same frequency as DNA.

The frequency of DNA is 8,540,000,000,000 Hertz( 8.54×1012 Hz.) the same as the sun’s energy frequency in the infrared range, enabling DNA (our cells’ blueprints) to absorb, store and emit sunlight energy.

Note: Exposure in childhood may be more important than exposure in adulthood for both beneficial and adverse effects of UV radiation.


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Nine Life Choices for Vibrant Health

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Attend to Diet, Lifestyle & Emotional State


Sunbathe between 10 and 2

Sunbathe between 10 and 2

Sun exposure at higher latitudes before 10 am or after 2 pm will cause UV-A rays to burn the skin before adequate vitamin D3 from UV-B is produced in the skin. . .
Sunscreen lotions do what?

Sunscreen lotions do what?

Make sure your suntan lotions are toxin-free and that they actually screen for carcinogenic UV-A rays - many don't. . .
Sunlight = Life!

Sunlight = Life!

"We live by a small trickle of electricity from the sun" - Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi. . .
The sunbath for vitamin D

The sunbath for vitamin D

Sunbathing is the best way to obtain vitamin D, but the devil is in the details and some may surprise you. . .