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The bottom line in declining health?

Your cells are not producing enough energy

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When your cells make less energy than ideal, you will gradually feel more tired and sluggish. If energy production falls too far, then you’re looking at various health problems followed by an inevitable decline – – – unless you take action to turn it around.

Questions to ask if constantly fatigued

Cellular energy production and how to increase it

Energy uses in the body

Cellular energy is used for all bodily functions.

E.g. to pump blood through the heart, to digest food, to produce nerve impulses, to make muscles contract.

Immune system cells need energy.

To deal with and remove waste products, toxins, invading microbes (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi) and cancer cells from the body.

Sufficient cellular energy keeps blood cells from clumping together. Clumping would otherwise decrease oxygen absorption due to reduced surface area, and so reduce energy production – see the vicious circle!? “In-house” cellular functions require energy, not only to remove cellular waste, but also for cellular regeneration, to keep the body vital and looking younger.

Several culprits are reducing cellular energy production

Not getting enough of the "ingredients" our cells require to make energy

Being “bombarded” by toxins, unnatural EMF frequencies and microbes

Poor "Nutritional status" inherited from parents

E.g. if either parent has candida, it will be passed to their baby via parental germ cells during conception.

Follow the $$$

 The health care industry wants to make a profit – which may conflict with your best interest:

Follow the money! – Pharmaceutical companies dictate health therapies

Most health problems today involve three issues

A less than wholesome diet and lifestyle, involving nutrient inadequacies/imbalance, stress, pollutants, weakened immune system etc. have three common elements at their core:

(1)  An overwhelming presence of radicals (E.g. ROS, RNS) compared to antioxidants.


(2)  INSULIN Resistance / High blood glucose levels


(3)  Over-acidity in the body


The result of which is a chronic low-level inflammation (CLLI) in one or more areas of the body – leading to a diagnosis of your health problem.

INFLAMMATION  Can’t live with it, can’t live without it

Why sick?-related:

We’re not eating the right fats

We’re not eating the right fats

Fats should be consumed in their natural form, not damaged by heat or processing, and some fats must be in our diet since our body cannot make them...
We-re not getting enough vitamins / minerals

We-re not getting enough vitamins / minerals

We need 50+ nutrients daily to survive. Many major and trace minerals are involved in cellular energy production. Sadly, we no longer receive the necessary nutrients from our food...
We-re not getting enough natural energy

We-re not getting enough natural energy

Earth's geomagnetic field, spiritual energy and solar energies, such as sunlight or foods grown in the sun, provide vibrational energy to enhance cellular energy production...
We-re not getting enough oxygen

We-re not getting enough oxygen

How do we get more oxygen? The oxygen-content of the air we breathe determines the oxygen-levels in our body needed for metabolism and detoxification...
We-re under attack by “invaders”

We-re under attack by “invaders”

Health problems can occur when our immune system is over-powered by invading microbes, toxins and / or exposure to unnatural energy fields...
Questions to ask when always fatigued

Questions to ask when always fatigued

Determining the reason why you're feeling constantly tired puts you on the road to restoration...
Cellular energy production and how to increase it

Cellular energy production and how to increase it

The body's energy comes from natural and man-made sources. We can increase cellular energy production by attending to cellular production needs...
Antioxidants (Vitamins, phytonutrients, others)

Antioxidants (Vitamins, phytonutrients, others)

Food antioxidants include vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, and phytonutrients, such as carotenoids and polyphenols. Our body can also produce some antioxidants "in-house"...
Why are we so sick?

Why are we so sick?

The bottom line in any ill health is that your cells are not producing enough energy...
Follow the money

Follow the money

Pharmaceutical companies dictate health therapies...