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Attend to diet, lifestyle & emotional state:











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Attend to diet, lifestyle and emotional state

The NEWSTARTS acronym recognizes nine areas in your life, where you can make good choices to fulfill ALL your body’s requirements for keeping vibrantly healthy:

(1) Provides your body needed "ingredients"

(a) Electrons and oxygen for cellular ATP energy production

Energetic electrons are acquired in the form of electromagnetic energy available from several sources in different forms:

  • CHEMICAL (Food / supplements);
  • LIGHT (Sunlight)

Energy absorbed from natural sources increases the body’s cell “Battery” voltage levels, which is used to power movement of ingredients into and out of cells to produce ATP energy the cell needs to do its job effectively.

Oxygen is obviously obtained by breathing. 

However, both the quality of the air you breathe and how you breathe affect your oxygen intake.

Air (Oxygen)

(b) Necessary nutrients IN BALANCE

(c) Antioxidants to counter oxidants

Water, protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and alkalizing nutrients. Ideally these should be obtained from food, but since certain nutrients are disappearing from today’s food supply, it may be necessary to take some dietary supplements. 

  • The typical Western diet has a serious deficiency of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fat.

We need more Omega-3

  • Several minerals and trace minerals found deficient in those who are ill.  Magnesium, iodine, selenium, and zinc, to name a few.
  • Carb/sugar intake.   Too much dietary sugar (especially high fructose corn syrup) and high carb rice and wheat products (e.g. pasta, bread) are taking their toll on our health — and weight.

Eat or supplement a variety of antioxidants.

Anti-inflammatory antioxidants counter the inflammatory oxidants in your body. Oxidants can enter your body, for example.  by consuming deep fried, processed (altered / damaged) fats or alcohol, or via smoking or exposure to other pollutants. Also, your body produces oxidants during metabolism and immune system activity. Oxidative stress occurs if these oxidants are not kept in check by antioxidants, which can damage tissue and result in the chronic pathogenic diseases seen today. Oxidants are typically reactive oxygen species (ROS), often referred to as free radicals.

Antioxidant / Oxidant Balance 

(d)  Alkaline foods / Less stress

Your blood pH needs to be slightly alkaline.

Different foods can have either an alkalizing or acidic effect on the body’s pH levels, but typically we  have an abundance of acidic influences compared to the alkaline ones.  Of significance, stress adds to the acidic “load”.

Acid /Alkaline Balance

(2) Ensures good communication between your cells

Your physical, spiritual and emotional state affect your body's hormonal activity and can block cellular communication

The NEWSTARTS plan encompasses unblocking electrical cellular communication pathways between your body’s cells and ensuring hormonal balance in the body. This usually involves EXERCISE, SEX, and our EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL NEEDS, which includes our interaction with God, self, other people, and nature. Additionally, there are some simple therapies you can use to unblock cellular communication pathways. 

Restore intercellular communication pathways

All living organisms utilize natural, weak, magnetic and vibrating electromagnetic fields in order to convey life-sustaining information from the environment to itself, within the organism and between organisms.

 An organism has the physical structures within its cells that are able to sense, convert, store, and transmit energy frequencies that facilitate its organization and control.

(3) Keeps harmful substances out of your body

(4) Boosts the immune system

Some things should not be inside you!    And will cause damage to body parts or otherwise upset the body’s efficient operation. It is becoming hard to escape exposure to detrimental chemicals, microorganisms, free radicals, heavy metals, GMOs and unnatural electromagnetic radiation, which present themselves in such as the air we breathe, in cleaning and personal products, at the dentist, in pharmaceuticals, spending too much time on the phone or in front of a computer, in our food, the way we cook our food, and even the type of lighting we use.

It would be wise to at least try to avoid as many of the potentially harmful substances introduced into our lives in this “New Age”.

Too Many Invaders


Nine Life Choices for Vibrant Health

N E W  S T A R T S

Attend to Diet, Lifestyle & Emotional State


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