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Attend to diet, lifestyle & emotional state:










Want to be healthy again?

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

– Thomas Edison


The following 4 steps attend to the reasons why we are having health problems and increase cellular energy production.

(1) Address nine life choices for vibrant health

Address the 9 subject areas affecting your well-being covered by the NEWSTARTS acronym:

Nutrition   Exercise   Water

Sunlight   Thoughts   Air  Rest   Trust in God   Sex

Good foods
Image by maja7777 from Pixabay

(2) Clean the body’s cleaning organs

Also, try not to put more toxins in your body!

Clean your body’s cleaning organs

(3) Restore cellular communication pathways

Cells must be able to “talk” to each other to organize the healthy upkeep of your body

(4) Apply therapies to target your specific health problem

When applying therapies it is important to recognize that there is a “Goldilocks” dose (referred to as hormesis) – too much or too little of something can be either ineffective or harmful.

Also timing of a therapy may be important.  A chart “Timing is of the essence” shows the best times of day for treating particular areas of the body


Of special mention

Water – “2/3 of You”.    Although included in the NEWSTARTS list, its importance can not be over-emphasized. Just drinking more water has provided healing all by itself. Drink about six 8oz. glasses of spring or mineral water spread throughout the day.

Water – 2/3 of You!

Increase cellular energy output

Cellular energy production and how to increase it

Emotional state.    All the nutrition and exercise in the world will not help you regain your health if you are harboring emotional “baggage”, which disrupts cellular energy flow in the body and thus affects physical health. The Meridian Tapping Therapy (MTT) is a simple, but very helpful (if somewhat bizarre) DIY “tool” used to clear the body’s energy pathways (meridians) and balance hormones, which have usually been disrupted by emotional trauma.

Tools for emotional stability

Improve communication between body’s cells.   Cells must be able to “talk” to each other to organize the healthy upkeep of your body

Restore intercellular communication

Eliminate wheat-containing foods from your diet.    After much research, this author is convinced by the evidence that modern-day wheat is having severe detrimental inflammatory effects on our bodies and its consumption should be at a minimum, if consumed at all. The health benefits of just this singlular change can be astounding! See “Wheat ain’t what it used to be” at the following link.


(Drink Daily.  Builds up those who are weak and debilitated)

Mix in a blender:

  • 2 eggs – Use pasteurized (infection-free; E.g Davidson’s® brand — once they’re blended, you won’t even know they’re in there!)
  • 8oz. fruit juice – fresh squeezed or juiced is best
  • ½ tsp. ascorbic acid powder (Vitamin C)
  • ½ Banana, Handful of fresh (or frozen) berries
  • Ice cubes – to preference (not necessary if you used frozen berries).

Nine Life Choices for Vibrant Health

N E W  S T A R T S

Attend to Diet, Lifestyle & Emotional State

Want to be healthy again?